Tee Off with Our Top Features

Explore the range of features designed to enhance your golfing experience with Clubhousen.

Seamless Networking

Follow and message your golf buddies to stay up-to-date on their golf game

Place friendly bets with your buddies to keep things interesting

Test your luck by joining a Majors Calcutta

Settle tabs right in Clubhousen

Player Profiles

Add a profile picture and your USGA GHIN number so we can pull in your handicap

Add your Venmo to make debt management mindless

Log the rounds you play and watch your Avg Score on avg course improve as your golf game improves

Expand your trophy case by winning tournaments

Tournament Management

Log scores directly in the app using live scorecards

Watch the real-time leaderboard that updates as tournament rounds conclude

Easily access player rosters, detailed schedules, and tee times all in one place

Enhance the experience with a custom merch tent featuring exclusive gear for your tournament

Join the Clubhousen Community

Start connecting, competing, and engaging with golf enthusiasts worldwide. Join now and elevate your game!

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