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Our journey began on the 18th fairway at the BrOpen, a unique golf tournament lacking real-time scoring. My partner and I were leading without even knowing it, driving carts and doing mental math to figure out the standings. That moment of unexpected victory sparked a realization—every golfer should experience the thrill of knowing just how crucial every shot is.

Clubhousen was born from this epiphany. Designed initially for our own tournament, it has evolved into a super app for golfers everywhere. Whether you’re setting up a Friday foursome, managing your annual club tournament, or partaking in a Ryder Cup challenge, Clubhousen brings professional-level engagement to your fingertips. Features like live leaderboards & scoring, group messaging, a custom merch tent, and bet tracking enrich your golf experience, ensuring you’re always connected and in the competitive spirit.

Now, a decade later, we still cherish that drive to enhance each golfer’s experience. Clubhousen isn’t just an app; it’s a community builder, transforming every event into a world-class tournament. Join us to make every round unforgettable, and see why we’re called “the second best golf app on the planet.”

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Core Values

Our values define the essence of Clubhousen’s commitment to the golfing community.

Community Engagement

Clubhousen is where golfers connect. Our platform enriches the golf community by facilitating easier organization, vibrant interactions, and a supportive network for players at every level.

Empowerment Through Technology

We equip golfers with cutting-edge tools for real-time insights and seamless game management, enhancing every aspect of their golf experience.

Adventure and Fun

Clubhousen celebrates the thrill of golf. Our app turns every round into an exciting adventure, filled with fun challenges and memorable moments.

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